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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I would like to take this moment to thank you all for a wonderful year of tango.  The Christmas milonga was so much fun and a perfect end to the year. The place was humming! (photos to come soon)

Thank you for you support in the classes and for making Nelson a great place to dance.

A formal thanks to Juliette and Nicki who have helped me out in classes tirelessly and most importantly to all my students who come to private lessons and to class.  You are all my HEROS!!  It is a joy for me to watch you all improve.

I am really looking forward to the New Year with all that we have on offer.... we are going to be busy!

Have a safe and happy Christmas with your loved ones, come back rejuvenated and we will see you all on the dance floor soon.

Tango love!



A quick run down of tango coming up in Nelson these holidays!

Baby G this Thursday (today) – the longest day of the year!
Baby G will open this Thursday for the summer solstice – from 6.30-8.30pm.  Church Lane.

Kush on Saturday – Christmas Eve
Cafe del Tango (Kush)will be open from 8pm to 11pm on Christmas Eve.  Church Lane.
A night of special music and celebration for Lorraine's birthday, with a mixture of classic tanda-style tango (as always!) plus salsa, bachata, merengue, reggae and more.

Baby G – on Friday 30th December
Late night Tango@ Baby G – note it starts at 8pm til late!   Not quite New Year’s Eve – but close.

Kush on New Year’s Eve
The regular Kush Saturday evening will be on from 8pm for New Year’s Eve!

Two more matters
And remember – there is no Verdict Milonga this month.
Practica – the weekly Tuesday Practica at St John’s Hall has not been attracting sufficient numbers so after discussion with Sophie and Mike, this Practica has stopped running.

And then it’s 2012...... 
VIsiting teacher Quique Miller coming direct form Buenos Aires 17-19 February (more details to come as I firm them up)
Summer Tango in Nelson  - 23 - 25 March
Visiting teacher Sebastián Arrúa in April
NZ Tango Festival 19-26 June 

Tango is taking OFF in Nelson!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi all,

Little update - the Abbey is still above water - well the room we are dancing in is above sea level.... the outside however is NOT!

So we will be dining and dancing inside...... and it was such a lovely garden as well!

No need to swap your tango shoes for your gummies - we can still wear our come il fauts and dance the night away in style.

See you on Saturday at 6pm!

and here the most famous tango in the rain! well a milonga actually!!


See you all on Saturday for the Xmas party... I think we will have it inside!
Only two more classes to go...

Sunday Technique Class will be looking at a gorgeous new change of direction

and for all those who want one more class before end of the year - please come to the Monday night class at 6.30 - and I think it would be fitting to pop out for a wee dram after class!

See you Saturday, more rain or hopefully shine.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


One more little gem in the tantalising world of tango.....

Pi-ro-po \pi-‘ro-po\n. pl-pos [Sp. Piropear]
1. An amorous compliment 2: A flirtatious remark.

They are gently whispered into the ear of the woman just before she leaves the embrace at the end of the tanda.
It took me awhile to like them - they seem contrived but best to be taken in the spirit they are intended I think...some pearlers:

Si la belleza fuera delito, yo te hubiera dado cadena perpetua.
If beauty were a crime, you would deserve life in prison.

Hai una mappa? Perché ho perfido en tus ojos.
Do you have a map? Because I am lost in your eyes.
(yes a gentleman really did say that to me!!!)

Se abrio el cielo y bajaron los angeles?
Have the heavens opened and the angels come down?

Oh well if the dance was not good maybe the piropo will be!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another busy tango weekend in Nelson

I met three out of town dancers on Monday night and were VERY impressed at the amount of tango on in this not-so-sleepy hollow! Thanks to us all we have avery vibrant community here... so this weekend...

polish up those shoes and iron those skirts we have a double banger on Sat night...

You can enjoy the milonga at Baby Gs with Alicia's mainly nuevo music from 6.30pm - to about 9.30

and head over to Cafe del Tango @ Kush - just across the road from 8pm till 11pm

I hear there are international guests coming to dance and enjoy the vibe in Nelson - so let's give them a very warm welcome.

Sunday I have my technique class from 4.30 ......

so another full weekend of tango should you feel the urge!

See you on the dance floor


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And here is Cecilia in another light!

Dancing with Somer Surgit who was also at the NZ Tango Festival last year and Cecilia and Somer are dancing to a composition by her boyfriend the Jazz Saxophonist Blas ... don't try the lean slide at the 4 min mark at home without a first aid box close by!

Another side of Chicho

Let's see another side of Chicho. Here he is improvising a tango with Cecelia who came to the NZ Tango Festival last year!

An important message from Kurt

The tango ten commandments

Monday, December 5, 2011


Yes it is true - I have been missing parties and staying at home to build two websites!  This has happened over the past few days ..... and now they are LIVE!

Why rebuild?  Well if anyone wants to take me out for coffee I am happy to drivel on and on about it - servers, hosting blah blah - anyway - all good now - up and at it again.

Introducing the NEW and FABULOUS Summer Tango in Nelson website, for all the info you need about the weekend in March 2012, who's doing what where and at what time!

and while you are there don't forget to befriend us on Facebook

Introducing the NEW and slightly ABRIDGED tango libre website with lots of new photos too.

Someone asked me why I have two tango libre sites - this one (the blog) gives you all the daily, weekly info and is super easy to read and get the news from quickly.  The other website is designed for you to ponder over, ruminate even, read, make comments, show your friends etc etc.

I hope you enjoy them both.   Feel free to let me know of any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes - I am only human after all!

Thanks for a great class

Hi everyone - wow  - just wanted to say thanks for a great class yesterday - I came home exhausted but firing!!

We will focus next week on the same topic - Beginnings, middles and ends.

People are booking for the Xmas party - THANK YOU - it is not too late to encourage other tangueros to come .... GOLDEN BAY we would love to see you over here.... BLENHEIM have a contingent coming  and we even have a special guest from Wellington coming over ..... the NELSONIANS are ironing their fancy shirts and polishing their shoes - t'will be fun fun fun!

17 Dec
The Abbey
Appleby Highway
$25 includes Xmas dinner, sweet treats and the milonga
6pm - 10pm

A Therkleson
115250 - 0186162 - 55


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sunday 4 Dec Technique Class

Yes that is tomorrow!

The beginning,  the middle and the end.

The BEST dance has a meaningful start,  a productive middle and an elegant and timely end! 

See you tomorrow at 4.30 for a 5pm class.


Dont forget to pay for the Christmas Party if you intend coming on the 17th.  See past bog entries for all the details.

I am heading to Fashion Island to see Santa in his Grotto!

See you  tomorrow.