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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A little welcome to all our fabulous beginners who came to class last night!

We had 8 new leaders and 12 new followers and you were all fabulous ;-)

I look forward to the next 8 weeks of tango classes and getting you all moving around the floor in tangoesque fashion.

Thanks also to all the leaders from other classes who came to help out and partner up - much appreciated.

In future I will be opening the doors at 5.30 on a Monday night for the beginners to have a little warm up before the 6pm class.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Here is a little video of two of the masters who are coming to the NZ Tango Festival this year.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Time to find some budding tangueros

We have some people registered for the new course ... we need some more - let's get tango bursting at the seams!

27 February for 8 weeks (ends 23 April)
St John's Hall, 320 Hardy St
doors open at 5.45
$100 for 8 classes (no class Easter Monday)

This course will get you moving around the floor with some basic but effective steps, introduce you to the musicality of tango, will focus on connection and energy between two people and give you some laughs!

Please pass on to anyone who may be interested - but make sure they give me a call and let me know if they are coming so I can get the roles balanced.

IMPROVERS CLASS will start at 7pm during these 8 weeks.

To the uninitiated, these are not tango shoes!

Sunday Technique Class - early start 4pm

This weeks Sunday Technique Class will start at the earlier time of 4pm to accommodate the end of month Verdict milonga.

Class this week will focus on Centering .....  finding your centre, keeping your centre and seeing the massive difference this makes to your dancing.  I look forward to leading us through this journey.  Followers if you want to bring flats as well as heels that could be a good plan.

5.30 we will head to Verdict for a vino and a snack, a dance and a reminisce about last weekends activities.

Verdict Milonga


Quique and Fabian have arrived safe and sound in Melbourne, the first leg of their Australian trip.
Quique is choreographing a little show, he has had two days to do that and he and the dancers in Melbourne will perform tonight.  Fabian is singing and I am sure the crowd will go wild.


They will then head up to Sydney for a week of singing and performing at milongas... it will be the weekend of Mardi Gras when they get there... not sure if they have realised that yet  - they are in for a real surprise and treat!

After wowing Sydney they will settle in to Brisbane for two weeks and then head down to the tango mecca of Byron Bay for the last of their fun and hard work.

It was such a pleasure to host them here and I hope one day to be able to bring them back here to get another taste of the Nelsonians who received them so well. So thank you all for supporting their trip.  They were absolutely blown away by the tango spirit in Nelson, our commitment to tango, Tahunanui Beach, Bar Berlin, Kush, the Maitai, The Freehouse and The Boathouse!

Fabian Rodriguez singing at Kush
Quique and Fabian at Kush - those gorgeous boys!
Class shot - sorry Golden Bay peeps you had already left!
Looking fabulous Quique ;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yes the gorgeous boys from Argentina have safely landed and are teaching and performing in Wellington as I write this.  How exciting ;-)

Thank you all in advance for your support in bringing them here and here's the lineup again:

Friday night:
Baby Gs  Relaxed Meet and Greet Milonga
6.30 - 9pm (free)

Saturday workshops:
All workshops held at St John's Hall, Hardy St
11am - Leaders only
1.30pm - Caminata and Displacements
3.30pm - Sacadas and Giros

Saturday night:
Kush Milonga
Cafe del tango @Kush
Fabian Rodriguez singing live
Doors open at 8pm
$15 on the door if you have not purchased workshops

Sunday workshops:
12pm - Secuencias Combinadas I
2.30 - Secuencias Combinadas II

See you on the dance floor tangueros.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


17-20 February
Have you booked in yet?  
If you have ....  thank you
If you haven't ... you had better get your skates on!

Yes Quique and Fabian are arriving next week, 17 February - in fact they leave Buenos Aires on Sunday and head to Wellington where they will conduct workshops and make a guest appearance at Ricardo's milonga (Quique is holding a workshop before the milonga and Fabian finishes the evening with singing) before arriving in Nelson on Friday morning.

I have promised them fine weather and lots of fun!

We have a slightly new plan for the weekend....

Friday night  - 17 February
Quique and Fabian will make a guest appearance at Baby G's so you can meet and greet them.

Baby G's tango night will go from 6.30 - 9pm, so come along early and have a dance and a vino and meet the boys before the workshops on Saturday.
Church St, Nelson (free entry but please support the venue by purchasing something to drink)

Saturday - 18 February
All workshops held in St John's Hall, 320 Hardy St behind the church
11am - 12.30 - Leaders Technique (Leaders only)
1.30 - 3pm - Caminata and Displacements
3.30 - 5pm - Sacadas and giros

Saturday night
Fabian Singing at Cafe del Tango@Kush, (Church St) 8-11pm,
$15 at the door if not registering for workshop package

Sunday - 19 February
12pm - 1.30 -Secuencias Combinadas I
2.30 - 4pm - Secuencias Combinadas II

Leaders - $130 includes 5 workshops + milonga
Followers - $110 includes 4 workshops + milonga
Individual workshops $30 each
Milonga only $15
Privates $80 an hour (to be paid in the private lesson)

There are two ways to reserve a place and pay....

Either give me your fee in class on Sunday/Monday or please send me an email and internet bank your payment with your name and "quique" to

A Therkleson
11 5250 0186162 55

Thanks for your support in bringing Quique and Fabian here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012



This Sunday class starts at 6.30pm due to the hall being booked in the afternoon.

See you all then and have a great weekend! 
Here is a tasty tango from Sebastian and Mariana ;-)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Important things to know about the Summer Tango in Nelson weekend:

7 weeks to go!

Participants have enrolled from:
Philidelphia, USA
Brisbane, Australia


Only happens twice a year!

Starting 27 February - 23 April 
(8 weeks with a break on Easter Monday)

Time: 6 - 7pm
Venue: St John's Hall, 320 Hardy St
Cost: $100 for the 8 weeks

In this course you will cover the tango basics, connection, embrace, combinations to get you moving around the floor, and musicality.

You will also have the opportunity to meet our very welcoming and energetic tango scene at the various practicas (practice nights), milongas (social nights) and even have the opportunity to participate in our very own festival - Summer Tango in Nelson where people from all around NZ come together for 3 nights in Nelson for the pleasure of social tango dancing.  How wonderful!

Partners not necessary but pre-registration is as I try to have even numbers of leaders/followers.
Please register by contacting me  on 929 5811, 027 238 0568 or

Please note that in order to accommodate our new beginners we will be starting the Improvers Class at 7pm - 8.30 through this period.

Xmas Milonga at the Abbey

QUIQUE MILLER - 17 - 20 February

Quique is here in 2 weeks. Wow where did the time go... oh I know we danced it away!

I am receiving registrations from Christchurch which is really fantastic and they have been asking about partners, and how many women we have etc... so please book in so I can assess numbers.

Quique is really excited about being here and is keen to make the most of it and share as much knowledge as he can.  Quique is teaching privates on Fri afternoon and Monday all day.  There are not many spaces left but let me know your preferred time and I will try and get you a possie.  First in first serve.  At the moment I have a Fri 1-2 and 4-5pm available, and Monday morning.  So have a think and get back to me asap.

If you have non-dancing friends who would love to hear Fabian singing and to watch the tango please get them to come on the Saturday night to Kush - what a wonderful introduction to Tango that would be! $15 on the door with all the proceeds going to Fabian to say thanks for sharing his beautiful melodic voice.

Once again here are all the details of the workshops all of which are held at St John's Hall at 320 Hardy St (our usual class location)

11am - 12.30 - Leaders Technique (Leaders only)
1.30 - 3pm - Caminata and Displacements
3.30 - 5pm - Sacadas and giros
Saturday night
Fabian Singing at Cafe del Tango@Kush, 8-11pm, 
$15 at the door if not registering for workshop package

12pm - 1.30pm - Secuencias Combinadas I
2.30 - 4pm - Secuencias Combinadas II

Leaders - $130 includes 5 workshops + milonga
Followers - $110 includes 4 workshops + milonga
Individual workshops $30 each
Milonga only $15
Privates $80

To reserve yourself a place please send me an email and internet bank your payment with your name and "quique" to 

A Therkleson
11 5250 0186 162 55

Thanks for your support in bringing Quique and Fabian here.
Fabian Rodriguez

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waitangi Weekend Tango a go-go

Yes it is all on again for this weekend! More tango in Nelson than you can play a Piazzolla tune to.

But first - did you hear about our legendary Monday night's Improvers Class? 
Clearly the boys are wanting to improve BIG TIME... we had 10 men (some say 13!) and .... 4 women!  Never in the history of tango has this happened before, except in the 1950's when men HAD to dance with other men before they were allowed to envelope a beautiful woman in their arms.... they had to learn the embrace, the connection, the dance,  the musicality, before they were worthy of US chicas!  So thanks to all the boys who totally embraced each other and the rather impromptu class and learnt a LOT about what it is like to follow and thanks also to the girls who learnt to lead!

Sunday class this week starts at 5pm with doors opening at 4.30 for a wee practice
Waitangi day Monday class starts at 6.30 with doors opening at 6.15
The occasional Monday night drinks after class are proving quite popular... we do try and visit a new venue each time! So come along and join both our nights for the total tango experience.

Baby G's this Friday night and Kush as usual this Saturday night - complete the picture for a weekend of tango dancing in Nelson!

TOMORROW  I will be announcing the new beginners class, updating you with more info on Quique, Summer Tango in Nelson (STIN), and the NZ Tango Festival .... stay tuned tangueros!

Here's a photo of our gorgeous boys dancing.... well half of them - the other half are hiding!