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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanks for a great class

Hi everyone - wow  - just wanted to say thanks for a great class yesterday - I came home exhausted but firing!!

We will focus next week on the same topic - Beginnings, middles and ends.

People are booking for the Xmas party - THANK YOU - it is not too late to encourage other tangueros to come .... GOLDEN BAY we would love to see you over here.... BLENHEIM have a contingent coming  and we even have a special guest from Wellington coming over ..... the NELSONIANS are ironing their fancy shirts and polishing their shoes - t'will be fun fun fun!

17 Dec
The Abbey
Appleby Highway
$25 includes Xmas dinner, sweet treats and the milonga
6pm - 10pm

A Therkleson
115250 - 0186162 - 55


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