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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Helpful hints for floorcraft on the milonga floor

Please take the time to  watch this safety video for your dancing pleasure.


Sunday Class and Verdict Milonga

This Sunday's Class will start at the earlier time of 4pm - 5.30pm to accommodate the Verdict Milonga which kicks off at 5.30.

The class will focus on connection in the giro.  Here is one definition of the giro (using traditional language):

"Giro is a move in which the follower faces the leader with her upper body while she is led to step around her leader - progressively taking backward, open/side, and forward steps before pivoting 180 into another open/side and backward, open/side and forward steps and so on.  The move can include any number of the individual elements and can begin and end on any step although there are favoured entry and exit points and variations on the timing of the steps.  Classically, the backward, open and forward steps are completed in the same time as the pivot, open, pivot part; a four-step 360 box around the leader.  If executed well, with the eager rotating steadily to face his follower and maintaining his central axis and the follower taking uniform length steps, keeping her pivots separate from her steps, thinking of real ease, transfer and collect phases of each step, and staying close to the leader, there is an enormous potential for leg play - barridas, boles, gauchos and saccades - that is the essence of Tango!" La Yuega

For a really clear look at some giros with barridas, saccades, lapices etc have a look at Sebastian and Roxana.

See you all on Sunday for Class!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

La Catedral Xmas Milonga and new Practilonga

Well I think it is safe to say that we are all pretty excited about the Xmas Milonga.  We have found a brilliant venue which we trialled last Friday night - and what a great night it was.  Thank you to all those who came and made it a vibrant and special evening.

So let's get ready for the Xmas Milonga.

La Catedral Milonga

                                       "With use of the Cabeceo"


3rd Friday of the month

Friday 21st December

Masonic Hall, 107 Nile St, Nelson 
6.30pm - 11pm

$25 paid by 17 December

Please pay in person to me at class or directly into the following bank account with your name and "XMAS".

A Therkleson
11 5250 0186162 55

dine and dance
fabulous floor, great sound system and fully catered dinner
cooked by Anne-Maree!
Your DJ this evening will be Neville from Wellington

Check out our facebook page to see who's coming!


Announcing the arrival of the Practilonga @ The Art Zone!
What is a Practilonga?

A Practilonga is a mix between a Practica and a Milonga!
In a relaxed and intimate art gallery/cafe setting, a mix of Traditional and Nuevo music will be played.  The music will be less complex than during a real Milonga. This allows for intensive practice.

Changing partners as well as the use of Cabeceo is encouraged, but it is also ok to stay with your partner a little longer, if you want to work on something more extensively. We ask you to not dance or practice wild moves, the focus is on social Tango in a close embrace  - the perfect environment to practice your floorcraft ;-)

Come straight from work on the first Friday of the month and kick off the weekend with a tango practice, a glass of vino and a small bite to eat.

I will be there to answer questions and help for the first hour, from 6pm - 7pm.  

From 7pm - 9pm the evening progresses more like a milonga.

1st Friday of the month, 6pm - 9pm.

The inauguration is on 7 December.

$10 to A-M on the door

The Art Zone, 26 Gloucester St

 and please support Pammie from The Art Zone 
by purchasing one of her reasonably priced
juices, tea, coffee and cheese platters.

Hope to see you all there!

Practilonga @ The Art Zone

Enjoy this vals by Fausto and Stephanie.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

La catedral milonga

This month the milonga is on

Friday 16 November at 

Masonic Hall, 79 Nile St, Nelson

Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Milonga this Friday!

Friday 16 November
Masonic Hall, 79 Nile St, Nelson
Ample parking
7.30 pm - 10.30 ish
Nibbles and Fruit Juice provided
BYO wine.

..... and to prepare you - some advice on how to prepare for a milonga! (well kinda!)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's go Tang-o!

Yes it is time to dust off those dance shoes, iron those skirts (on the ironing board not whilst sitting on your bottom watching TV ;-)),  button up those fancy shirts and hit the dance floor.

We have only 6 weeks till Christmas - Can you believe it!

We have 6 more weeks of lessons, a couple of milongas,  a fun Milonga course to complete and a Christmas Party with a guest DJ from Wellington for good measure to help us say goodbye to 2012 and to reminisce about what a fun tango year it has been.

Classes are continuing as usual.  The Sunday Technique Class has just sucessfully completed its mammoth boleo run and we will be focusing on connection and giros for the next few weeks.  Giros are the essential building blocks for the tango so don't miss these fun and challenging classes.

Monday night Improvers class is at 6pm - calling all beginners or dancers who want to boost up their skills for the milongas coming up - this is the class for you.  We are looking at energy in the turns and how to smooth out your dancing so we can "float" around the floor!  If you have not been for a few weeks or months - this is still the class for you.  We take it slowly and methodically and build gradually to your level and beyond.

Monday night Intermediate class starts at 7.15pm.   This class is always fun and high energy.  What a great way to start your week and to connect with your inner tango dancer! We are also looking at giros with the addition of refining the sacada. Forward, side and back saccades are on the menu for the next few weeks.

Wednesday night Milonga Class - at the YMCA in Toi Toi St in Victory starts at 6pm and is running until 28th November. If you know a little bit of milonga and have not come to class yet - head along on Wednesday and join in,  $20 for the class.  Bring a towel and some water - it promises to be thirsty work!  Why not make a night of it and stay for the practica afterwards.

The next milonga is on:

Friday 16 November
Masonic Hall, 79 Nile St, Nelson
7.30 pm - 10.30 ish
Nibbles and Fruit Juice included
BYO wine.

Christmas Milonga
Friday 21 December
Masonic Hall, 79 Nile St, Nelson
6.30 - 11pm
DJ Neville from Wellington
$25 paid by Monday 17th December
Fully catered - you are in for a treat!!  I am cooking up a storm for you all.  
You'll just need to RSVP and pay by Monday 17th December.
BYO Alcohol
Please pay $25 into the following account or give to me in class.


A Therkleson


Have a look at this video by Mariana Dragone and Pablo Inza - you can see some great sacadas and giros executed clearly and simply.

See you all on the dance floor tangueros!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sunday Class and Verdict

This Sunday class will start at 4pm at St John's Hall and will cover the topic of "unexpected boleos"... a fun and exciting class which will get your brain working!

Verdict will then follow on at 5.30 so you can wrap up another Sunday with tandas of tango.  Don't forget to buy drink/food at Verdict in appreciation for them letting us use their awesome venue. 

Thanks to all those who came to the Milonga class - we had a great time and it was a quite a workout. 
We covered three of the five milonga rhythms and got a great grasp on the 1,2,3.  Please come along and join us even if you could not make the first week!  Make sure you wear something to sweat in!

Remember it is on for the next 4 Wednesday nights at the 
YMCA, 156 Toi Toi St, Victory
6pm - 7.30pm
$20 a casual or
$75 for the last 4 if you pay in full.

Here's Chicho and Juana dancing a milonga.  Great musicality to the very famous Milonga de Mis Amores.