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Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Only two Sunday left till I depart for Sydney's sunny shores.

So we have to make the most of the next two Sunday classes.

This Sunday we start at 4pm sharp so we can continue dancing at Verdict till 8pm.

Time to revise and finesse!  sacadas, castigadas, cambio de direcciones.....

but remember it is not about the moves.....

Milongas this week

We have two milongas this week - both will be a lot of fun I am sure!

Tango @ Baby G (in Church Lane)

Friday 26th August at Baby G's  from 6.30pm to 9pm.   Any questions about that contact Alicia on 548 3719.

Milonga @ Verdict
Sunday 28th August at Verdict Cafe and Bar on (Bridge Street opposite the Court House).   from 5.30pm to about 8pm.  This follows right after my Sunday Technique class which will start early (4pm) to accommodate the milonga.  

Below is  a link that those who have never been to Bs As will find interesting!  It is a milonga in Bs As.  Turn the music down a little as it is scratchy.  Note the etiquette. When does the dance start?  I would suggest the dance starts from the first approach whether by cabeceo (eye contact) or from a verbal invitation.  ( You can tell a lot about someone from the way they request a dance and from the way they accept!) Note how they approach each other.  How they become comfortable in the embrace before they commence moving and how they don't bump into each other, always vigilant and present.  Ahhhh.... something we will keep striving to be!

check out milonga etiquette here

Friday, August 19, 2011


Monday classes are really going well and I particularly like the relaxed energy in the class. It is a lovely way to spend a Monday evening.  Someone asked me the other day what the difference is between the Monday classes and the Sunday Technique classes.

Originally set up as the Beginners class the Monday has now grown to an Improvers level.   We go over simple techniques and the focus is on dancing and getting couples moving around the dance floor.  The Sunday class looks at a more indepth technique of challenging moves and how to make them flow while being conscious of connection and good navigation skills on the dance floor.  The Monday class is suitable for all levels including those who are new to tango, the Sunday class is for those who already have a tango vocabulary and can move around the floor with the tango ebb and flow.  In the Monday class you get the chance to share your knowledge with the newcomers and give them a memorable tango experience.   This is very rewarding for everyone involved - although we must remember that too much info can be overwhelming - part of the learning process for new folks is to make mistakes and still have fun in the process.  Finally, Monday classes are the perfect class to learn to lead (for followers) and to learn to follow (for leaders).

Both classes are held at St John's, both classes are $15 a class.

The Sunday class has a 5pm start (except on Verdict milonga days)
The Monday class has a 6.30pm start.

If you miss a Sunday class, come to the Monday class and check it out... you will not be disappointed!

click here for light friday afternoon frolic - and show your friends!

Wrapping up castigadas

Sunday's technique class will wrap up the castigadas and look at using them effectively to different music.  Class starts at 5pm, doors open at 4.30 for those that want to get a little practice in before hand.

Only three more Sunday's left till I venture across the ditch to the far side for a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunday Technique Class

A reminder that this week's Sunday Technique class will go over the castigada from last week and add in another one!

Usual time - doors open 4.30 for a 5pm start.

click here for a little smile ;-)

Staying connected - the importance of the embrace

Watch this video to get some helpful hints on staying connected.

Hope you will find it useful.

staying connected to your partner

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes

Milonga extraordinaire...


With the beginning the new month we begin a new topic ... castigadas
not to be confused with one of these.....
 see you sunday 4.30 doors open
5pm class

BABY G's tonight

Today is the first Friday of the month and that means Tango is back at Baby G Lounge again!
From 6.30 – 9 or 9.30 tonight
Church Street, Nelson

If you have any queries Alicia is the person to talk to on 027 261 1401