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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Practilonga this Friday 3 May

Practilonga this Friday night will be hosted by Nicki in my absence.

Practilonga @ The Art Zone

 This Fri night the 3rd May at 
26 Gloucester St, Nelson
(opposite Repco)

$10 to Nicki

the orchestra is Troilo and friends

the Start time is 5.30pm

we dance till 9pm

you can buy snacks, wine, coffee, tea and juices

come straight from work and start the 

weekend dancing!

See you at The Art Zone

And here is the lovely Cecilia and Somer to get you to practica! Can we all strive to dance gently, unrushed and connected like this please!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Golf and Tango!

Time to run another beginners course and find some more men!

I am placing a few cheeky advertisements in the paper which I hope you will tell everyone about...

Want to improve your golf swing?  Learn Tango!
As you all know the best leaders can disassociate their chests from their hips and clearly there is a parallel with golfing... so I am searching for men who want to improve their golf swing by trying out tango for 6 weeks and our mission is to get them to stay after that!  Spread the word tangueros.

Are you a man who used to come and have not placed your foot on a milonga floor for a little while?  This 6 week course will be just be thing for you - scrub up and come out - it will be fun!

In the meantime I'm going golfing... any tips? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tango Movie and Milonga - "Tango with a Twist"

***Introducing a new tango event to Nelson***
Movie and Milonga night on the 3rd Friday of the Month.
This is the perfect chance to bring along your non dancing friends to watch a tango movie or documentary and then get a glimpse of tango afterwards at the milonga.
Where: The Masonic Hall, 107 Nile St, Nelson
When: 17 May 2013
Time: Movie starts at 7pm followed by milonga
What to bring: You, friends, dinner if you like, pillows if you want to sit on the floor (chairs will be provided!)
Cost: $15 for the whole evening
BYO, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks provided
The first documentary I will show is one dear to my heart.  "Tango with a Twist"
Filmed in Buenos Aires in 2007, Tango with a Twist is a series of interwoven stories about a group of amateur dancers - gay, straight and "fluid" - who embark on a journey of discovery from the my dance school in Sydney to the birth place of tango Buenos Aires,  under my protective wing! "As they grapple with the many challenges of learning this most intimate dance, they also grow in unexpected ways.  Down to each, funny and poignant, it's all about the search for love, finding the confidence to express your true self, and the joy we feel when we connect with others through music and dance." 
The director Nicki Pile wrote this about her documentary and I think she absolutely succeeded ...."I hope that Tango with a Twist conveys at least a glimmer of the sense of connection, joy and solace that the tango offers to all who fall into its seductive embrace, regardless of their sexual orientation or their standard of dance."
Please bring your friends and join me on May 17 to celebrate "tango without borders".

 “Tango cannot change the world but it can change you, and you can change the world”

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday Winter Hours, Monday Beginners, 19 April Milonga

Hello everyone,

Sunday classes will start at the earlier time of 4pm for one month to trial it and see how people feel about it.  I think it will work nicely for those dark and cold evenings as we all want to get home on a Sunday night to a cosy fire and a succulent roast!

Monday Beginners Course finishes this evening and then we will go "into continuation" at the same time to build on what we have learnt.  Casual rate of $15 per class will apply.

Calling all previous dancers who have not been to class for a while.  The Monday night 6pm class is going to be great for you to re-energise your tango.  We will be going over all the basics again and adding to them with Quique's lovely centering ideas and exercises.  Don't be shy - call me and chat to me if you are unsure about coming back.  Treat Tango as your winter project and get moving against the cold!
(03) 929 5811 or email me on

Friday 19 April Milonga at the Masonic Hall in Nile St has been cancelled.  There will be an announcement of why next week! 

Thank you to everyone who came to the Practilonga on Friday and to Nicki especially who held the fort in my semi-absence.  People were surprised at the variety of music that Piazzolla provided for your dancing pleasure.  We have all heard the Modern tunes, but It seems tangueros were pleasantly surprised to hear his very danceable tangos too.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

See you all on the dance floor soon.  Oh and check out the post before this -I think it demonstrates very clearly why we need to not focus on moves but get to practica and focus on connection!  "The dangers of only learning steps!"

Hasta la Pista


This is why practicing with good technique is essential!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fancy an apartment in Buenos Aires for all your tango stays and this weekend's tango

My dear friend Neville who you will know as one of our favourite visiting DJs for Summer Tango and the Christmas Party..... has decided to sell his apartment in Buenos Aires.  Check it out here and you contact contact Neville directly if you want more information.  His email is

It is in Congresso, close to many milongas and right in the heart of the Capital Federal.   An awesome location to be sure.

Meanwhile - since you are currently in Nelson you had better get along to class!

This Friday night we have the Practilonga at the Art Zone (see post below for details) and this Sunday we have class at 5pm.

Sunday's topic is "Togetherness"

See you all there.

Fabian enjoying the sunset at the Farewell milonga at the Boathouse

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goodbye to Fabian and Quique and Practilonga this Friday

The boys have left, there were once again tears at the airport and we are all still in the glow of Quique and Fabian's visit - it was very special.

For those of you not in the workshop on Sunday we had a fabulous treat when Fabian sang a couple of unexpected tunes for us.... it was magic :-) Tired and relaxed we made our way to the Boathouse and danced the evening in once again to Fabian's wonderfully rousing singing.  Graham treated us to an impromptu tango comedy skit and Quique and I danced up a storm.   I'm off to the Chiropractor this afternoon!

Thank you Fabian and Quique for a memorable week and we look forward to having you back here again!

In the meantime we continue to make Nelson a vibrant and exciting tango destination.

Tuesday Practica on tonight at 7.30pm at the YMCA, Toi Toi St (instead of Wednesdays).

This Friday we have the popular first of the month Practilonga.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Practilonga  this Friday night to bid farewell to David B who will be embarking on his overseas trip.

Practilonga @ The Art Zone

 This Fri night the 5th April at 
26 Gloucester St, Nelson
(opposite Repco)

$10 to A-M

the orchestra is Piazzolla - the old and the new

the Start time is 5.30pm

we dance till 9pm

you can buy snacks, wine, coffee, tea and juices

come straight from work and start the 

weekend dancing!

See you at The Art Zone