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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As you all know I am one of the organisers of the NZ Tango Festival.  

Just wanted to remind you that the festival is only 3 1/2 weeks away and now is the time to register if you have not already done so!
We have quite a few tangueros evacuating Nelson and heading to Wellington!  So why not join them and let's all celebrate the largest tango event in NZ together.

There are second step passes available for all the beginners who have joined us this year.  I would have no hesitation recommending any of you to come to the second step classes  - you will have a great experience learning from international teachers, be wowed by spectacular performances and will have the opportunity to become part of the greater tango scene in NZ.

I have a couple of people who have booked accommodation in Wellington and are looking for room-mates - so please let me know soon if you are keen to come and I can hook you up.  If you need advice on workshops - don't hesitate to ask.  Click here to see all the workshops

Click here to read our Facebook page, like us and get excited!

Click here to register!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tango Libre classes

Group Classes will be as follows for the next few weeks leading up to the festival.

Sunday Technique Class - Sunday 27th May, 4pm - 5.30
held at St Johns Hall in Hardy St, Opposite Chipmunks followed by Verdict Milonga (free)
Monday Improvers - Monday 28th May, 6pm - 7.15pm
Monday Intermediate  - Monday 28th May, 7.15pm - 8.45pm
held at St Johns Hall in Hardy St, opposite Chipmunks
Wednesday Absolute Beginners - Wednesday 20th May, 6pm - 7.30 followed by practica ($5)

Sunday Technique Class - Sunday 3rd June,  5pm - 6.30pm
Monday Improvers - Monday 4th June,  6pm - 7.15pm
Monday Intermediate  - Monday 4th June, 7.15 - 8.45pm
held at St Johns Hall in Hardy St, opposite Chipmunks

Wednesday Absolute Beginners - Wednesday 6th June, 6pm - 7.30 followed by practica ($5)

Sunday Technique Class - Sunday 10th June,  5pm - 6.30pm
Monday Improvers - Monday 11th June, 6pm - 7.15
Monday Intermediate  - Monday 11th June, 7.15 - 8.45
held at St Johns Hall in Hardy St, opposite Chipmunks
Wednesday Absolute Beginners - Wednesday 13 June, 6pm - 7.30 (last wednesday class) 
followed by practica ($5)

Sunday Technique Class - Sunday 17th June, 5pm - 6.30pm 
held at St Johns Hall in Hardy St, Opposite Chipmunks 
This is an open level class and all beginners and improvers are encouraged to attend as you will have no classes for the next few weeks!
The class will be followed by a milonguita (in the same venue) to welcome the beginners into the larger tango group.  Please bring a plate to share for after the class (free milonguita).

Monday 18th June, A-M flies to Wellington for the NZ Tango Festival!!

Classes will resume on Monday 2nd July.
Wednesday Absolute Beginners class will be moved to the Monday night Improvers Class so you can continue your learning.  This will be at 6pm - 7.15pm on every Monday night from 2 July.  Price is the same as the beginners was - $100 for 8 classes.
Another Absolute Beginners class at the YMCA in Toi Toi St will start up again soon!

And here are a few tangos to keep you all motivated and smiling and to introduce the beginners to the different styles of tango!

All the videos to follow are of the International teachers we are bringing over to the festival in 4 weeks!  Check out the Festival here and if you are a beginner and want to come and join us at the a Second Step Pass  - you will have the time of your lives and see the following teachers (plus another four amazing couples) performing at the milongas.

The first is Alicia Pons - Milonguero Style

This one is Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli - Milonguero Nuevo Style dancing a Milonga

Cecilia Gonzalez  and Somer  Surgit - Nuevo Tango

See you all on the dance floor at Verdict this week after the Technique class at 4pm.

Milonga Update for the incoming weeks

Here's the latest from Gwenny - I cannot put it any more succinctly myself - so thanks for that Gwenny!
My next post will have a little special something for our new beginners and a Tango Libre update ... so check that out soon.

The monthly milonga at Verdict is coming up again this Sunday 27th May starting at 5.30pm and ending about 8.30pm.    Please note that the last Sunday in June is in the middle of the New Zealand Tango Festival in Wellington so we won’t hold the Verdict milonga that month.   Next one after that in late July.   Typically this Milonga is the last Sunday in the month.

Remember that my Sunday Technique Class starts at 4pm on the last Sunday of the month so we can all head along to the Verdict milonga at 5.30pm.  Remember to buy a meal or drink in support of the venue.

Here are some winter hours updates for Bar Berlin and Tango@KUSH.

Café del Tango @KUSH
During the winter this will now be held fortnightly from Saturday 19 May through to the end of September.
So the dates when it will be held are:
·         May 19
·         June 2, 16 & 30
·         July 14 & 28
·         Aug 11 & 25
·         Sept 8 & 22

Bar Berlin
There will be no Bar Berlin on 1st June because the venue has a prior commitment.   Alicia is considering whether to move from the current 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month to alternating with the new winter hours for Kush (above).    Alicia will text folk when it’s on in any case, or you can look on the local tango website for updates.    Go to  for this and plenty of other tango news.

NZ Tango Festival – Wellington 19-26th June
5 weeks to go and counting..... support the Festival in Wellington which is bringing fabulous teachers to New Zealand.   You can attend different parts of the event if you can’t get to the whole thing.  Take a look at the website at:   If you are thinking about it but unsure, dozens of Nelsonians have been to the Festival over the years, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions and we can put you in touch with someone to chat with.

Sebastián Arrúa
Sebastian has been and gone and ‘thank you’ to you, James Upton, for giving Sebastian the use of your flat while you were away.  That was really nice for him and also helpful to the organisers.  Several Nelson folks went down last weekend to Christchurch for a wonderful milonga and more workshops with Sebastian.  The Nelson visit (and Sebastian’s tour of workshops in Auckland, ChCh, Wgtn, and Dunedin) was organised by Juliette and she was able to join with two other groups to fund Sebastian’s ticket to NZ using some of the Nelson tango funds.   This made the visit possible and the workshops have allowed the account to be topped back up while we await another exciting teacher to visit Nelson.   Thank you everybody for your support.  Sebastian had a great visit here.

What’s on in Christchurch and Wellington
If you would like to be on an emailing list for what’s on in Christchurch or Wellington, they send out regular updates.  Write to (for Wgtn news) and ChCh news).

If you would like to be on Gwenny's email out list - please email her at

That's all folks for this post!


Friday, May 4, 2012


ohhh.. I almost forgot the most important news of the week..

at 6pm last Wednesday night at the YMCA in Toi Toi St....
19 new beginners joined our Absolute Beginner Tango Class 


Nelson Tango is going off thanks to all the extra people who help out in class and help make it happen.

See you soon ;-)

NZ Tango Festival, Sunday class and Christchurch

The NZ Tango Festival is only 6 weeks away and I am busy organising the performances, the DJs, the taxi dancing team (we have leaders coming from Italy and Australia to help out), the advertising and marketing... lots of fun things!  So the excitement is mounting and the days are passing by very quickly.

Quite a few Nelson dancers are coming to the festival this year.....some are doing Immersion courses both before and after the festival and some are just coming for the festival to participate in 6 classes and to soak in atmosphere and the fabulous international performances at the evening milongas, to hang out at lunchtime in the Atrium and shoot the tango breeze.  Would you like to join us?

Check out the website and have a look at what's on offer.. ask Juliette or me any questions about classes or how it all works etc.. we can talk about it for hours (and we do!!)

The best little Tango festival in the world

We have tango class this Sunday at 5pm - doors open at 4.30 for a wee practice.
This week we will be looking at our favourite little milonguero giro with a twist!

Have a think about whether you would like the Sunday Technique Class to start at the earlier time of 4pm, finishing at 5.30pm through the winter... it is getting chilly these nights and I wonder if it is a good idea to be home closer to 5.30pm than 7pm?!  Let me know what you think.. but for this week we start at the normal time of 5pm.

Vuelvo Al Sur
Here's a video of Sebastian performing in Brazil last year.  Some of us are going down to Christchurch to do his workshops and attend all the lovely milongas Christchurch has organised... join us?  The is rumour that a Christchurch dancer may be able to put up a couple of people.... so if you are keen to go contact Juliette on

See you soon tangueros!