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Monday, December 5, 2011


Yes it is true - I have been missing parties and staying at home to build two websites!  This has happened over the past few days ..... and now they are LIVE!

Why rebuild?  Well if anyone wants to take me out for coffee I am happy to drivel on and on about it - servers, hosting blah blah - anyway - all good now - up and at it again.

Introducing the NEW and FABULOUS Summer Tango in Nelson website, for all the info you need about the weekend in March 2012, who's doing what where and at what time!

and while you are there don't forget to befriend us on Facebook

Introducing the NEW and slightly ABRIDGED tango libre website with lots of new photos too.

Someone asked me why I have two tango libre sites - this one (the blog) gives you all the daily, weekly info and is super easy to read and get the news from quickly.  The other website is designed for you to ponder over, ruminate even, read, make comments, show your friends etc etc.

I hope you enjoy them both.   Feel free to let me know of any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes - I am only human after all!

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