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Monday, June 8, 2015

May Wrap up and a new change to TL for the next few months!

What an amayzing Tango month we have just had!  Matthew Civil and I taught a weekend of great workshops in Takaka, a few of us went down to Christchurch to dance at Frank's Vuelvo al Sur, then I flew up to Auckland to meet Cecilia one very wet and chilly morning and she has just finished teaching 2 intense weeks of workshops in Auckland and Collingwood - she absolutely bought the house down!  How lucky are we?
 ..... and just around the corner is the NZ Tango Festival .... so let's keep dancing tangueros.

Read on for news about the new Monday night structure and the next milonga (which just happens to be before you head off to the festival!).  The photos down the side of the email are a snap shot of May's tango madness :-)

Hasta la Pista tangueros
A-M x 
Old St John's Hall
320 Hardy Street, Nelson (behind the church)
6pm - 8.30pm ish
$15 for the entire evening

The all new and exciting Monday sessions will be starting tomorrow night till mid September.  As some of you are aware I am nursing some injuries which I have decided to make a priority.  No dancing for me!
So the Monday evenings will be structured differently and, excitedly, I think they will be a lot of fun if we all get behind the idea.  My biggest challenge will be to NOT DANCE!   We will begin the Monday sessions with a series of exercises for both lead and follow and will spend time focussing on the free leg and improvisation.  We will then have a guided practica going over Cecilia’s moves in GB and introducing some of her Auckland ones with students who came to Auckland and with the use of videos.

Beginners will be joining us at the start of the evening and will participate in the warm up exercises and I will be asking the more advanced students to dance 3 songs with each beginner to get them started on their tango journey  - I will help the more advanced to start teaching the walk, cross, ochos. I think this is fair for the beginners and in the spirit of tango for you more advanced.  So the new structure will start tomorrow.
Beginners please come along as this will be an amazing opportunity for you to get to dance with advanced students! 

The evening will start at 6pm - (maybe 5.30pm in coming weeks if I can get the hall early) and will go for around 2 1/2 hours.  I will provide tea, coffee and snacks throughout the evening.  The fee will remain at $15 for the entire evening.

Private lessons will still be available if you come in a couple.  
The fee for a private lesson is $70 an hour and the studio is in The Wood.  So please let me know if you are wanting private lessons and I'll do my best to organise you a partner if you do not have one.
Privates accelerate your learning, iron out any bad habits fast and are a lot of fun in their intensity!


Thank you to all the participants who came to Cecilia's workshops in Auckland and Golden Bay. To those that travelled from afar, did both weekends or who taxied people around and helped in lots of different ways.  It is all of us pulling together that makes it such a great experience!  Thanks to Michael Parmenter and Denise McCombe for supporting us in Auckland and Tracey and her team at Zatori for a wonderful retreat.  Cecilia had a great time as usual and left with a big smile on her face.  Did you notice that she made a comment about how great it is to see people actually smiling when they tango?  We will be welcoming her back next year I am sure!

For those of you who came to either weekend feel free to email me any photos or videos you have and I will make them available to others who were away with us for the weekend as well.  

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