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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Winter Milonga Series - Bar Berlin

This Saturday night's milonga heralds the first of three in the Winter Milonga Series Bar Berlin.  Before each milonga there will be a FREE beginners class so don't forget to spread the word and get your friends or those who have said that they would like to try tango,  to come along.

Feel free to come and help out - the more the merrier!

8 Church St, Nelson (opposite KUSH)
7pm - 10.30pm MILONGA $10

The dates for the Milonga Series at Bar Berlin are all Saturdays:
21 June
19 July
16 August

There will be a brand new beginners class starting after the festival - in the meantime beginners can join on the Monday night class at 6pm.

Sunday Technique Class
4.30pm - 6pm
The Tango Room, Dundas St
This week we will focus on changes of direction alla Cecilia!

Monday Classes are so much fun!
Hope to see you from 6pm on Monday for Improvers and 7.15 for Intermediate.  We are working on fluid movements and continuity in the dance.    The 7.15 class will continue with that tasty colgada we started this week :-)

All the classes are building up your skills for the NZ Tango Festival which is in less than 2 weeks.  If you have not booked in feel free to ask me for advice on what classes to take.  Improvers,  the second step classes at the festival are specially tailored for you - so get booking in if you have not already!

Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!

Here's a taster of Michelle and Murat who are coming to the festival this year!

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