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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa DJed and we had a ball!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas Milonga.  What a fabulous evening it was with dancing till midnight (yes we went an hour over the time as we were all having so much fun :-))

A special thanks to all those who supplemented the main menu with the following delicious additions:

Gwenny's captivating Corn Pie
Nicki and Mike's Special and Delicious Christmas Cakes
Kay and Jacky concocted a storm in the dessert department - WOW what a surprise that was ( a HUGE thank you chicas)
and did you taste Stevan's Really Good Dutch Mayo? - YUM!!

Stevan and our lovely Golden Bay tangueros Julie and Mark helped me set up in a flash - what stars! Then all hands were on deck for the big clean up, thanks Nicki, Jon, Kay, Jacky, Chris, Bevan, Petra and anyone else I may have missed out - it made such a big difference having you there to debrief and clean at the same time, while just about falling over with exhaustion :-) 

Of course none of these milongas are fabulous without you, the dancers and the DJs.  SANTA made a special appearance from the North Pole via an Estancia sporting a  rebenque whip and boleadoras.  He made quite an entrance ringing himself in and was on fire with his superb music.  Thanks Granta Claus!

So now we have 2 more classes then we herald in the New Year.

Last Sunday class today and last Monday class tomorrow followed by drinks at Bar Berlin tomorrow (Monday night) at 7.30.

Monday night's class is students choice!  What will it be?

See you soon :-)

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