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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunday Class and Verdict Milonga

Don't forget it is daylight saving this weekend.. make sure you set those clocks forward an hour and make it to tango on time!

4pm kick off at Old St John's, 320 Hardy St.

The topic this week will be connection and spiral movements.  We will be revising one of our spiralley moves that proved to be popular a couple of months ago.    Which one?  Come and find out!

After class we will head to Verdict for the end of month milonga - at 5.30pm.

You may have noticed that the next Tango Libre Milonga is on the 18th October and we will all have an opportunity to sell those tango shoes we have never worn, the ones that don't fit us so well, or the ones we just don't wear any more.  Start looking through your shoe collection and get them spruced up and ready to sell on the 18th October.

See you all on Sunday.

Here's a little performance I thought you may like.  An exquisite tango by Noelia and Carlitos.

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