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Monday, April 29, 2013

Golf and Tango!

Time to run another beginners course and find some more men!

I am placing a few cheeky advertisements in the paper which I hope you will tell everyone about...

Want to improve your golf swing?  Learn Tango!
As you all know the best leaders can disassociate their chests from their hips and clearly there is a parallel with golfing... so I am searching for men who want to improve their golf swing by trying out tango for 6 weeks and our mission is to get them to stay after that!  Spread the word tangueros.

Are you a man who used to come and have not placed your foot on a milonga floor for a little while?  This 6 week course will be just be thing for you - scrub up and come out - it will be fun!

In the meantime I'm going golfing... any tips? 

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