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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Class this Sunday will begin at the earlier time of 4pm so we can all finish up in time for the Verdict Milonga at 5.30pm.

We have had three extraordinary classes so far this year.  The focus has been heavily on arriving on axis, clear pivots and setting up the dance as we mean to go on.  We have been listening to each other's bodies and giving great feedback to each other in a positive and helpful way.    Fanstastic classes so far and more great classes to come.  I have some lovely exercises up my sleeve to further advance these classes..  I hope to see you on Sunday afternoon.

After class we can look forward to Lunatico Escoces (aka Graham Galt) DJing the Verdict Milonga this week.

Here's a video of Michelle and Joaquin who will be teaching in Wellington the weekend of 9 February and I will be Djing at the milonga! FUN!

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