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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi everyone,

Tonight is the last practica for the year!

If you want to get another fix of tango in this week  to hone your skills before the Christmas Milonga on Friday head along to the practica at the YMCA in Toi Toi St at 7.30pm tonight.

Tango Dates for the next few weeks and till the end of January:

19 December 
Practica at YMCA Toi Toi St - LAST ONE for 2012

21 December 
Christmas Milonga

23 December 
Last Sunday Class of the year - "How to break the sequence"  This is a great class that will have you in stitches and give you some new navigation skills... should have done it before the Christmas Milonga!

2 January
Practica at YMCA Toi Toi St

11 January
Practilonga at The Art Zone

13 January
Welcome Back Class at St John's, exercises, games and ideas to get you back in the groove for the new year! (all levels)

20 January
The return of the regular Sunday Technique Class

21 January
1st Monday Classes Back on Track

Private Lessons
Private lessons continue right through the break.   These are one-on-one or two-on-one i.e you share the cost with a dance partner and come as a couple or I can fix you up with a more advanced dancer to partner you and you pay the total cost.  There are different possibilities to make it work the best way for you and for me! Occasionally I will do one-on-one with just you and me.  Talk to me!  Privates are $70 an hour and are at my studio in Collingwood St.  Privates are a proven way to accelerate your learning in a private setting.

Private Intensive Courses
I will style a Private Intensive Course specifically for you.  Students in the past have had lessons 4 hours a day for 3 days, or 2 hours a day for 3 days - whatsoever suits,  This is a brilliant way to fast track your learning and keep you in the tango zone.  It can be challenging but oh so rewarding!  You will receive treats to keep you energised and copies of music to practice with.  The course is incremental in the learning and we start appraising and fixing up the basics and then head into more complex ideas.  I also run Private Intensives on Musicality.

See you Friday Night!



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