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Monday, August 27, 2012

Mundial de Tango 2012

Hi everyone,
The Mundial de Tango is over and I will be posting some of the performances here for you to watch.  

The Mundial de Tango is a competition held annually in Buenos Aires in August with a Salon Category (that's what we do) and a Stage Category (also known as Tango escenario).  The Salon Category has very strict rules about the usage of traditional milonga figures and the Stage Category is choreographic and includes elements from other dance disciplines, such as ballet.  The first Mundial de Tango was in 2003.   Dancers/participants travel from all over the world to compete in Buenos Aires for two weeks of classification rounds culminating in a bonanza of a night with the finals... and this years winners were from Argentina!
The above video is of the Salon Classification rounds.  Remember the Salon Category is totally improvised and consequently the participants have no idea of what the music will be on the day.

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