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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waitangi Weekend Tango a go-go

Yes it is all on again for this weekend! More tango in Nelson than you can play a Piazzolla tune to.

But first - did you hear about our legendary Monday night's Improvers Class? 
Clearly the boys are wanting to improve BIG TIME... we had 10 men (some say 13!) and .... 4 women!  Never in the history of tango has this happened before, except in the 1950's when men HAD to dance with other men before they were allowed to envelope a beautiful woman in their arms.... they had to learn the embrace, the connection, the dance,  the musicality, before they were worthy of US chicas!  So thanks to all the boys who totally embraced each other and the rather impromptu class and learnt a LOT about what it is like to follow and thanks also to the girls who learnt to lead!

Sunday class this week starts at 5pm with doors opening at 4.30 for a wee practice
Waitangi day Monday class starts at 6.30 with doors opening at 6.15
The occasional Monday night drinks after class are proving quite popular... we do try and visit a new venue each time! So come along and join both our nights for the total tango experience.

Baby G's this Friday night and Kush as usual this Saturday night - complete the picture for a weekend of tango dancing in Nelson!

TOMORROW  I will be announcing the new beginners class, updating you with more info on Quique, Summer Tango in Nelson (STIN), and the NZ Tango Festival .... stay tuned tangueros!

Here's a photo of our gorgeous boys dancing.... well half of them - the other half are hiding!

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